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    July 20, 2011
    4:30 - 5:00am EDT  

>> you know hamburglar shows up, that security guard was a little late on the uptake. >>hat's what's making news this morning, everybody. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> breaking news, for the second time in the data days of police cruiser runs into another car sending both drivers to the hospital if and bringing traffic to a crawl. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, july 20. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. oscar wilson with traffic but first adam caskey. it's a waiting game for the intense heat. >> get the bargaining done today
as opposed to the next couple days -- the gardening done. it's a point to be high in the afternoons. 78 right now in the district, 73 in gaithersburg. on our way to the mid 90's today. it will feel like over 100 today. mid 90's for the air temperature. 100 degrees tomorrow. it will feel like 111. there's an excess of people watched tomorrow for the entire area. in excess of 100 on friday. we have another accident involving a police car. 66 and glebe road. the accident is blocking all lanes. this will cause major delays this morning.
if you can avoid this stretch do so. in maryland there's a water main break on georgia avenue. georgia is closed in both directions near randolph road. expects delays. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news. more details on where police are investigating an overnight crash. a police cruiser and a car collided at the intersection of washington boulevard and glebe road. the officer is hospitalized in serious condition. the car driver is in hospitalized as well. the intersection is shut down. a springfield man found dead and a gunman on the loose. >> the victim was shot inside a home in the 7600 block of 10th away in springfield. now reaction from neighbors.
>> a dramatic scene in this fairfax county neighborhood. they found out their neighbor and friend was gunned down. >> i saw a four armed officers with some guns come across my front lawn. >> residence in this west springfield neighborhood knew something was wrong when they saw police officers if with high-powered weapons. >> they said stay inside your house and lock the doors. >> i went back in and locked the doors. >> detectives gathered clues in front of a colonial style single-family home near a densely wooded area. >> they were telling everybody to get off the street. one guy had a 9 millimeter out and ready. >> neighbors tellus the hansons have lived here with their grown sons for decades. the father suffered a stroke a
few years back. they cannot think of a reason why someone wants to harm a 75- year-old man. >> he was a quiet man, quiet people. shocking to see this. >> john gonzales, abc 7 news. the former marine reservist charged with a series of shootings at military buildings faces a preliminary hearing on unrelated charges today. he is set to appear in loudoun county on a grand larceny charge. he was arrested last month in connection with a terrorist scare in connection with the pentagon. the airports authority will meet to consider reversing its decision to build an underground station at dulles airport. the u.s. transportation secretary once the station built above ground. that would save a billion dollars in addition to other changes. the house approves the
deficit-reduction plan while a compromise deal emerges in the senate. >> on this vote the yeas are 234, the bill is passed. >> the house bill raises the debt ceiling and makes room for big spending cuts and a balanced budget amendment, but it is expected to die in the senate. the senate plan would close some tax loopholes and make cuts to medicare and social security. president obama has. praised that has there could be a deal to end the football lockout. they will gather in washington today to review proposed collective bargaining agreement. the associated press reports the deal has not been finalized and there's no guarantee the players will agree to that. chipotle fans, your burrito may get even more costly. >> and we have a preview of how
stocks are shaping up. linda bell is live in new york. >> good morning. a big day for the market's estimate. stock-index futures indicating gains ahead of this morning's opening bell. the earnings parade continues with results from united technologies intel, and american express. we are looking at apple shares after its blockbuster results last night. lockheed martin looking to cut even more workers. it is offering voluntary buyouts to 6500 workers at its corporate headquarters. that includes 2000 in the d.c. area. chipotle may raise prices even more. higher costs for ingredients to blame. the chain expects price hikes to
hit all markets next month and has room to increase prices even more. and the nissan leaf in the d.c. area, more on that later. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37 77 degrees. >> still to come the hacking scandal across the pond and a fireworks during the testimony of rupert murdoch. >> he played a president on television now martin sheen is back in washington asking congress for helping. >> a steamy start to the work
captioned by the national captioning institute wednesday morning july 20. it's called to be hot today, but much warmer tomorrow through saturday. you will fill the humidity. columbia maryland, under an inch of rain fall from last night. three-quarters of an inch in leonardtown and fort washington. temperatures right now in the low to mid 70's at reagan national. 73 in gaithersburg. on our way into the mid 90's.
warm and muggy today. hot and humid tomato, 100 degrees. it will feel like 111 when you factor in the humidity. -- hot and humid tomorrow. excessive heat watch for tomorrow. excessive heat warnings thursday through saturday and. we have an accident involving a police cruiser. glebe road is closed in both directions at washington boulevard in arlington. all lanes are blocked. they will be on the scene for a while. avoid this stretch. if you have to go there expect place. on georgia avenue that is closed in both directions at shorefield road. this is a picture just north of there and randolph road. so that is a stretch to avoid as
you make your way through the area. back to you. >> thank you. 74 degrees 4:41 on this wednesday morning. >> just how unhealthy some popular restaurants really are. >> a formal ruling for the head of news corp., the
welcome back, everybody. 4:44. it is high and it's getting hotter -- it is hot. the temperature was in the 90's yesterday. it should be above 100 starting tomorrow. >> it feels like you are slicing through the air. the air is thick. >> i am going to be indoors with a cold bottle of water. >> d.c. fire officials tell us calls for heat-related health problems were up yesterday and they fear the numbers will rise in the coming days. the hacking scandal in the u.k. has reached a boiling point.
>> yesterday rupert murdoch testified before parliament and a man was running toward rupert murdoch. >> james murdoch was about to answer a question when suddenly it was hard to see what happened but a man with a paper plate covered in shaving cream takes aim at rupert murdoch muttering "you greedy billionaire." the woman is pink is the 42- year-old wife of rupert murdoch, she goes for the man. the man was arrested. >> this is the most humbling day of my life. >> rupert murdoch is an american citizen born in australia. he presides over a vast r empire. he has no plans of stepping aside.
>> it is for them to pay. i am the best person to kleenex ups -- to clean it up. >> his son james runs operations in europe and asia. >> we would have moved faster to get to the bottom of the allegations. >> alison starling, abc 7 news. attorney-general eric holder says he would welcome a meeting with the families of 9/11 victims concerned that their telephones may have been hacked into. they wonder whether any laws may have been broken. virginia man under arrest accused of receiving money from spy agencies. the fairfax man. the pakistani government used an
organization to lobby u.s. lawmakers. this man's arrest at attention to the complicated relationship between u.s. and pakistan. the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing today on a bill to repeal the defense of marriage tax. that law defines marriage as between a man and woman. california democrat dianne feinstein says that the bill probably will not pass this year but she says this hearing is a good first step. governor martin o'malley of maryland is expected to announce this week what role he will play in supporting gay marriage. last week he said he would sign a bill making it legal if the language was changed to focus on protecting religious freedom. the same sex bill passed the maryland senate this year, but it stalled in the house. 7 is on your side with. free birth control for women. what's an institute of medicine panel is recommending. the panel says the government
should require insurance companies to cover this without co-payments. the report is being reviewed. there are some foods that you may want to avoid the next time you eat. here are the winners, cheesecake factory's farm house and murder -- farmhouse buger has 1,500 calories. red velvet cheesecake, over 1,500 calories as well. >> that would be rough on your body. 75 degrees 4:49 on this wednesday. >> what a broad martin sheen back to the district? >>-- brought.
time to check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's get to adam caskey.
is today the calm before the storm? >> you could say that. it was 97 yesterday. mid 90's today. 100 degrees tomorrow and the next couple days, thursday through saturday. it will feel like over 110. 73 degrees right now in gaithersburg. we cannot rule out of a thunderstorm this afternoon and evening especially west of the metro area, mainly over the mountains. 70's tonight. 100 degrees tomorrow. there is an excessive heat watch tomorrow for the vast majority of our viewing area. there could be excessive heat warnings over the next couple afternoons thursday through saturday. it will feel like 110-115 the next couple afternoons. the best chance of storms after today is monday. the commute is running ok.
there's an incident involving a police cruiser. glebe road is closed in both directions at washington boulevard in arlington. that will take awhile to get cleared away. avoid this stretch. also, georgia avenue and in silver spring, that is closed at shorefield road. there's a water main break at arcola. they will have you diverted their. watch for that. back to you. >> thank you. a busy morning. celebrities from movies, tv, and music joined forces yesterday. that includes actor martin sheen. >> a taste of hollywood star power rallying supporters of the nation's drug courts and the lobbying congress to continue
its investment into such programs nationwide. for actor matthew perry, drug addiction hits close to home. >> i took enough prescription medications to kill a small horse. >> martin sheen passionately called for congress to keep the funding. >> we need to focus on those most in need who have no voice. that is the primary focus. >> republicans and democrats spoke in support of the program. >> drug courts reunite families and reduce crime. >> we need to treat drug addiction as a health problem and we need to reserve a space in our prisons for theose that are violent. >> this, and was arrested at 17, to drug courts, cleaned up per life, and now works for the man that created the drug court program in that state.
>> coming full circle. i am apparently the only drug courts graduates that is now a prosecutor. >> abc 7 news reporting. 4:56, 75 degrees. much more ahead in the next half-hour. >> coming up, can the nationals make it two in a row in houston? tim brant has highlights.
a police cruiser and collided with another car. that sent an officer to the hospital. a busy intersection is shut down. >> and a local man murdered in his own home. police are searching for the killer. >> the countdown is on. lawmakers head back to negotiations after the debt ceiling data -- as the debt ceiling deadline looms. "good morning washington at 5:00" starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. it's wednesday, july 20. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. scorching temperatures across the nation. heat and humidity will make it feel like triple digits here at home. it's only going to get worse.